Country Facts

  • Location: Southeastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand. Shares borders with Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.
  • Geographic coordinates: 13 00 N, 105 00 E.
  • Area: 181,035 sq km.
  • Land boundaries: 2,572 km in total - Laos 541 km, Thailand 803 km and Vietnam 1,228 km.
  • Coastline: 443 km.
  • Climate: Tropical climate with two seasons: wet season (May to November) and dry season (December to April). Little seasonal temperature variation.
  • Terrain: Flat plains and mostly low. Few mountains in the southwest and north.
  • Natural resources: Oil and gas, timber, gemstones, iron ore, manganese, phosphates, hydropower potential.
  • Total renewable water resources: 476.1 cu km.
  • Environment issues: Illegal logging throughout the country. In the western region along the border with Thailand the strip mining for gems has led to declining biodiversity, soil erosion, in rural areas restricted access to potable water, declining fish stocks because of illegal fishing. History: Please see our history page.
  • Population: 14,494,293 inhabitants.
  • Median age: 22.1 years.
  • Population growth rate: 1.765%.
  • Birth rate: 25.73 births/1,000 population.
  • Death rate: 8.08 deaths/1,000 population.
  • Infant mortality rate: 54.79 deaths/1,000 live births.
  • Life expectancy at birth: 62.1 years.
  • People living with HIV/AIDS: 75,000.
  • Ethnic Groups: Khmer 90%, Vietnamese 5%, Chinese %1, other 4%.
  • Religions: Buddhist 96.4%, Muslim 2.1%, other 1.3%.
  • Literacy: 73.6% can read and write over age 15.


cambodia satellite image

Map of Cambodia

  • Education expenditure: 1.7% of GDP. (Country comparison in the world - 172)
  • GPD: US$28.09 billion. (Country comparison in the world - 109)
  • GDP per capita: US$1,900. (Country comparison in the world - 187).
  • GDP composition by sector: Agricluture - 67.9%, industry 30% and services 41%.
  • Labor force: 8 million
  • Inflation rate: 7.5%.
  • Population below poverty line: 30%.
  • Agriculture products: rice, rubber, corn, vegetables, cashews, tapioca, silk.
  • Industries: Tourism, garments, construction, rice, milling, fishing, wood, rubber, cement, gem mining, textiles.
  • Exports: US$4.13 billion. Clothing, timber, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco, footwear.
  • Imports: US$6.004 billion. Petroleum products, cigarettes, gold, construction materials, machinery, motor, vehicles, pharmaceutical products.

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