Siem Reap Massage

Siem Reap massage and spa recommendations are commonly asked for by our guests, and the onerous task of researching the various massage and spa options has been shared by our Siem Reap-based staff. For many visitors to the temples of Angkor Wat (even the fittest), climbing steep steps may exercise muscles that aren't often used, and a soak and sauna, or foot massage, can be the difference between a good and a great day.

Hotel Spas

The Cambodia Travel boom of recent years has seen many Siem Reap hotels investing in massage and spa facilities. Some of these are simple massage rooms, some have an extensive range of treatments available, and several of the luxury hotels in Siem Reap have spa suites with complimentary treatments or massages included. Particularly recommended are the spa suites at La Residence d'Angkor and Park Hyatt Hotel, and Visaya spa at the FCC Angkor - all excellent accommodation options, as well as excellent spa and massage options.

siem reap massage & spa

Siem Reap spa

Dedicated spas

As with much in Siem Reap and Cambodia, visitors to Angkor Wat have a range of options at different comfort and budget levels. The central part of town, around "pub street" offers a range of massage places, offering reflexology and foot massages, head and shoulder massages, and variations of the services. These vary from basic rooms at a few dollars an hour, up to very high quality treatments in comfortable surroundings. Our favorite is Bodia, which operates in the Heritage Suites hotel as well as in the center of town, as well as Shinta Mani.

siem reap massage & spa

Siem Reap massage

Local specialities

While hardly exclusive to Siem Reap, Blind massage and "fish massage" have certainly become popular. In a country lacking a social security safety net, massage is one career that is very much open to the blind, and several venues in Siem Reap offer massage by the blind, and offer training for blind masseurs and masseuses. Fish massage is a slightly different affair - sit on the side of a paddling pool containing garufa fish, and let them nibble the dead skin from your toes - it feels much nicer than it sounds.

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