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Siem Reap Tours and travel arrangements are the distinctive feature of Siem Reap-based ABOUTAsia Travel. We specialize in innovative routes, designed to avoid crowds at the Angkor Wat temples and create wider Cambodia travel itineraries.

Angkor Wat without the crowds

  • Angkor Wat is now an established stop on Southeast Asia tour itineraries. This popularity brings its own problems - that of crowding. ABOUTAsia's Guiding Center invests time and resources in researching the best times and best routes so that you gain the best possible experience of Angkor Wat and the other
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  • Angkor Wat without the crowds. As well as researched itineraries, we interview specifically to find you the best tour guides in Siem Reap, to guarantee the quality of your vacation.

    Siem Reap tours - Angkor Wat

    Siem Reap tour - Angkor Wat temple

  • Siem Reap tours - Bayon

    Siem Reap tour - Bayon temple

    Siem Reap Hotels

    When visiting Siem Reap, we know that you need more than just a good tour guide. High quality transportation, airport transfers, and competitive rates at the best

  • Siem Reap hotels, are all taken as read. You also have the peace of mind of knowing that support is in town at the end of a phone, if you have any problem or need any advice, whether it's the location of a doctor or a recommendation for dinner.

    Making a difference

    Cambodia travel can make a real difference to the country - ABOUTAsia Travel supports the work of ABOUTAsia Schools, an education charity which supports schools in Siem Reap province. Please talk to us if you are interested in our work here.

  • Cambodia travel information and Angkor Wat tour specialists ABOUTAsia are based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat. At the heart of the organisation is a guiding research centre providing Cambodia vacation advice and industry leading tours planning.


    Peerless service standards and local positioning have made us the tour operator of choice by international luxury travel groups and discerning independent travellers to Angkor Wat, Cambodia and Southeast Asia.

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