Cambodian Food

Your tour of Siem Reap or Cambodia can be combined with a series of gastronomic experiences, from the simple sampling of the local streetfoods with your guide, to customized cooking courses with award-winning chefs and unique settings for special dining experiences.

Destination Dining

From a 5* meal in a simple rustic setting in the countryside of Siem Reap to the grandeur of your own Angkor Temple for the evening - a stunning backdrop for that special celebration. Small functions may be held at Prasat Kravan or Wat Attvea, up to much larger functions at Bayon. Much simpler affairs can be hosted at one of our special spots, overlooking the rice paddies, with traditional Cambodian music accompanying the menu. Or just let us recommend some of the more unusual hotel and restaurant dining experiences - even get your feet wet in your own dining plunge pool!

In your itinerary

Sunset Drinks
Miss the crowds at Phnom Bakheng, and enjoy a more civilised gin and tonic at one of our special spots around Angkor to end your day touring. Other sunset spots around the country include river cruises in Phnom Penh and Koh Kong, or some of the crab shacks in Kep.

Picnic Lunches
When out for the day, we sometimes visit local restaurants which our guides know and trust. It can be very pleasant, however, to enjoy a relaxed picnic in some spots. Have lunch in a stilted house in one of the villages on the Tonle Sap lake - watch village life go by as you dine on a selection of Khmer specialities picked for you. Dining can be simple or sumptuous...

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Cambodian dish

Cambodian dish

Cambodian Produce

Tweak your itinerary to take in some of the best produce that Cambodia has to offer - from the eclectic to the mainstream. Learn how rice paper rolls or the fragrant prahok fishpaste is made, visit the famous Kampot pepper farms in the south (and the not-so-famous Durian farms nearby), go fishing yourself or see how a variety of snakes, fish and shellfish are captured for the plate. More important is to sample some of the local produce: while the fried tarantulas of Skuon are not to everybody's taste, seafood lovers will adore the crab of Kep (perhaps cooked with fresh Kampot peppercorns), and numerous roadside snacks and treats are available to try.

Cambodian Cooking Courses

For those who are inspired to try and recreate their favorite Cambodian dishes at home, we can arrange

  • cooking courses and master classes at restaurants and houses at several sites. Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh all have good classes which often include visits to local markets to learn about the fresh Cambodian produce. These classes will generally be privately arranged for you, and are typically half a day in duration - spend the morning creating your own lunch or the afternoon creating dinner. More in-depth courses can be arranged, with chefs from some of the best restaurants in Cambodia. If required, we can arrange similar courses in Vietnam and Laos as part of an Indochinese cuisine tour.

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