Disabled Travel in Cambodia

Disabled travel in Cambodia is perfectly manageable so long as you are prepared to move slowly and have the right support from a good local agent. Visitors with limited mobility, especially wheelchair users, may find the usual routes around the Angkor temples challenging due to the very uneven ancient pavements and steps in the doorways.

Fortunately, ABOUTAsia are up to that challenge. We have assisted wheelchair users and amputees as well as visitors some mobility restriction see the Angkor temples, and not just from a distance. We recognise that a physical disability does not limit your imagination or desire to explore. As specialists in tailor-made travel, where every itinerary we write is produced individually, we simply see a visitor with some unique travel requirements.

Travel solutions, not problems

Angkor Wat, and the rest of the Angkor Temples, was not built with wheelchair users in mind - some of the steps make able-bodied travelers think twice. This means that our research and experience is vital:

  • finding routes and itineraries that can be negotiated,
  • ensuring the fullest experience possible of the Angkor temples,
  • visiting hotels to investigate accessibility,
  • negotiating special access with the local authorities.
All these are part of our preparations for your visit.


Send your travel

  • requirements to our dedicated Cambodia travel consultants, or
  • contact us directly for any further questions

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  • Alberto Neri - Angkor Wat, 2010

    Alberto Neri - Angkor Wat, 2010

    When producing your

  • itinerary, we will need to know as much detail as possible about restrictions on your mobility. For some, walking long distances is a problem, but most steps and uneven terrain presents can easily be covered at your own pace - only minor adaptations to our regular programs might be necessary. Others might find steps possible with assistance, and might need some physical helpers.

    We can help you see the most of Cambodia, and its archaeological sites, and if you are adventurous enough we may be able to help you see more than you can imagine: getting a wheelchair user to the second level of Angkor Wat is not easy, but can be, and has been, done!

  • Cambodia travel information and Angkor Wat tour specialists ABOUTAsia are based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat. At the heart of the organisation is a guiding research centre providing Cambodia vacation advice and industry leading tours planning.


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