Ecotourism in Cambodia

Cambodia ecotourism and wildlife tourism is a new concept for the young Cambodian tourism industry. Cambodia starting to realise the potential of its relatively untouched forests, particularly the rich habitats of Koh Kong (one of only two areas in SE Asia where forest links mountains and ocean) and remote Virachay.

Siem Reap Area

Northern Cambodia has several key wildlife sites, in particular for birds. The Prek Toal core bird reserve, on the edge of the Tonle Sap lake, is an unrivalled fresh water nesting grounds for species such as the greater and lesser adjutant storks - visit as a day trip (where it is possible to take a kayak to the water), or stay overnight to see dawn over the lake. Further north, Ang Trapaeng Thmor is home to the Sarus Crane, but also the globally threatened Eld's Deer.

North Eastern Cambodia

The Chhep Vulture restaurant is a vulture feeding project to support population numbers - with a predictable schedule to facilitate vulture (and carnivorous mammal) viewing. Kratie is home to Irrawaddy dolphins, as well as a new turtle conservation center devoted to protect the population of (endangered) Cantor's giant soft-shell turtle.

Koh Kong

Many visitors to Koh Kong enjoy the scenery of the untouched forest, but see little wildlife. Species are secretive, and the only chance to see some of the birds, reptiles and mammals that still live in the Cardamoms is to trek away from the main habitation areas and camp in the forest. While tigers and wild elephants may no longer be here, leopards, freshwater crocodiles, pangolins, gibbons and sun bears all call the forest home, as well as many species of bird. The lack of scientific investigation means that uncharacterised species are certain to be living here, such as the newly discovered Cnemaspis neangthyi gecko.

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irrawaddy dolphin at kratie

Irrawaddy Dolphin at Kratie

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Responsible Travel

All trips involve work with NGOs and Community initiatives to encourage responsible travel. We particularly work with the Sam Veasna Center, founded by the Wildlife Conservation Society to promote community-based ecotourism as a sustainable alternative livelihood for rural villagers.

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