Educational Trips in Cambodia

Visiting Cambodia is an education - at least for those who spend some time to get away from the main tourist trails. ABOUTAsia organises trips for school parties, university courses and amateur archaeologists.

School Trips Abroad

Cambodia is an ideal venue for school trips and expeditions - offering a unique perspective on the tragic outcomes of Cold War politics in the latter half of the Twentieth Century. The culture is now being reborn, and is a fascinating developing economy, with a wealth of ancient history. As the country has found stability, individuals and organisations such as the Cambodian Living Arts are striving to rebuild Khmer culture through art, ensuring traditional arts are not lost.

ABOUTAsia is uniquely placed to provide rounded trips offering opportunities to meet students from a very different culture, through our links with schools and charities with ABOUTAsia Schools, as well as experience a fascinating culture. Our fully escorted tours can include:

  • Ancient History: visits to the Angkor Temples
  • Modern History: the Killing fields and Genocide museums
  • Meet the people: from Khmer Rouge survivors to those involved in reviving Khmer culture and artforms
  • Cultural Exchange: visit a Cambodian school, meet the students - and perhaps help improve their environment with our painting challenge
  • Establish ongoing links with Cambodian Schools
  • Planning: tailor your itinerary, with help for your Risk Assessments
  • Western support - in country and on call

Higher Education Courses

Education doesn't stop at schools, and ABOUTAsia has also organised university field trips and classes in a range of themes, notably:

  • Tourism classes for Nanyang and Cornell Universities
  • Children's health provision for San Francisco State University

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Cambodian dish

Taking notes from the expert

Specialist Archaeology Courses

The ancient stones of Angkor are visible to everybody. Those with a special interest may like to see a little more, however:

  • Unusual sites - visit the places few people have even heard of (not all mentioned on this website!)
  • Behind the Scenes - conservation work at the temples
  • Not on general display - tour the museum stores with curators
  • Meet the experts - from lintel carvings to DNA analysis of the ancient populations, we know the right person to ask!
  • Unseen by outsiders (apart from us!) - pagodas with local finds

For ALL courses, we work with agents in other countries, but are very happy to deal directly with trip organisers. Contact us above

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