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Word of mouth recommendation brings us a steady stream of both professional and keen amateur photographers who appreciate ABOUTAsia's research into crowd avoidance and routing/timing for optimal lighting conditions. We were founded by a keen amateur photographer and understand your needs. Pre-dawn starts and end of day lighting are best managed by scheduling a siesta through the heat and blinding light of lunchtime and early afternoon in this tropical location. Browse some example itineraries for inspiration on the opportunities Cambodia offers the serious photographer.

  • Classes and instruction by top local photographers
  • Itinerary management and logistics for remote travel, lodging in the countryside, mountains or lake.
  • Models to help capture that special image
  • Licensing for commercial shoots
  • A wealth of local knowledge for great locations - we live here and shoot most weekends

Cambodia offers a wealth of inspirational subject matter both planned and spontaneous - aside from the temples with their photogenic interplay of man and nature, there is ample scope for those with interests in character photography, wildlife and nature photography. Recent professional visiting photographers have included Pietro Scozzari, Tom Parker (pictured above at Beng Mealea, working on a Sunday Times shoot) and Morgan King, while plenty of our "keen amateurs" such as Jacqui Lam and Professor Richard Mortel have traveled with ABOUTAsia and published some of their images on the web.

Aside from location advice and logistics we can provide models, often much more economically than in the West - past requests have been for traditional Cambodian Apsara dancers, and both young and old Buddhist monks. Stay in a floating or stilted lake house to capture imspiring end of day images of this subsistance fishing community.

Angkor Wat Tours?

Most visitors to Siem Reap will spend time around the temples of Angkor Wat but without local advice will find it challenging to avoid the worst of the tourist crowds. We run the only dedicated research program on crowd avoidance so that you can experience and capture the ancient temples without hoards of tourists.


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photoshoot results monks at beng mealea

Photoshoot results - monks at Beng Mealea

Ta Prohm is a very photogenic temple but is popular throughout the day. Without research into crowd avoidance it can be frustrating to work through the tourist crowds.

Our guides are well trained in location for the best angles for shots, and spend time researching these. If you want an uninterrupted scene over a longer period we will bring you to alternative sites without tourists.


  • contact us for your photographic requirements or general travel advice and planning.

  • Cambodia travel information and Angkor Wat tour specialists ABOUTAsia are based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat. At the heart of the organisation is a guiding research centre providing Cambodia vacation advice and industry leading tours planning.


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