Responsible Travel in Cambodia

Responsible Travel in Cambodia does not have to mean taking your Cambodia vacation without comforts. Tourists visiting Cambodia are often affected by the poverty they see away from the hotels, but traveling with ABOUTAsia means that you are making a difference to the children of Siem Reap province. It is often said that visitors to Angkor Wat spend dollars, but most of these go to big multinational companies and their shareholders. This is NOT true of ABOUTAsia. The profits we make go into funding school projects in Siem Reap Province - when we say "Funding Education Through Tourism", we mean it.

Responsible Employer

The employment benefits that many of us take for granted are not usual in Cambodia. Paid leave, sickness and maternity pay are benefits that make us stand out amongst Cambodian employers. We believe that you benefit also - the best staff want to work with us, so your vacation plans are in the best hands. In addition, we support the continuing education of our staff, and sponsor students through higher education.

Local benefits

ABOUTAsia are locally based, so you can be assured that profits we make go into the local economy - we are privately owned and locally run, with no shareholders or first world overheads. We are also a non-commission company - we do not allow our guides to take commissions from restaurants, stores etc, and we support local businesses which share our philosophies.

  • Ethical Employer
  • Locally based
  • Eco-tourism
  • Supporting Education


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It's all ABOUT Education...

Seb and Olaia - volunteers at Prey Chrouk School

Volunteers Seb & Olaia at Prey Chrouk School

ABOUTAsia Schools

ABOUTAsia Schools was founded by Andrew Booth, President of ABOUTAsia Travel, with the intention of supporting the education of children in Cambodia. At the moment, the schools we support are in Siem Reap Province, but we hope to turn the thousands of children we support into tens of thousands.

Being Green

Being Green is not high on the list of most Cambodian's priorities. Earning enough to eat and send the children to school takes up the time and energy of most people living here. Cambodians are proud of their country, however, and want to look after it - we do what we can to ensure our impact on the environment is as low as possible. Eco-tourism is starting to take off in Cambodia, so please ask us about visitng the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor or Virachay national park. Our efforts have been recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, and we have been awarded Heritage Watch Gold Status.

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