Siem Reap Spas

The huge increase in Cambodia Travel in recent years has seen a similar increase in resorts and spas catering to visitors. Fortunately for the tired visitor, this rapid development of spas has lead to competition and impressive deals - and our local connections allow us to negotiate the best deals for our guests. A relaxing massage or treatment at the end of a long day exploring the Angkor Temples, or a weekend visit to Siem Reap to take example of the competitively priced treatments and luxury hotels - affordable luxury and pampering has been found for you.

Siem Reap Massage

Walking down the streets in central Siem Reap you will find it hard to avoid ladies and genltemen offering their services (or those of their fish!) for massage. Some of these places are, in fact, excellent for everyday unwinding, if a little basic. The ubiquitous "fish massage" - paddling pools of garufa fish that nibble dead skin - is surprisingly relaxing, while there are several blind massage parlours which offer employment opportunities for a disabled group that otherwise struggles in a country without a social security safety net. We assume, however, that you are interested in something that little bit more special to complement the rest of your stay with us, and so we are offering packages based on our favorites.


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