Travel with Children in Cambodia

Travel with Children is now popular in Cambodia and the country has gained a reputation as a safe and interesting destination for families. Perhaps start by browsing some example itineraries for inspiration on the opportunities Cambodia offers for family travel.

  • Vast, ancient and exciting temple ruins to explore - free for children.
  • Boat rides out onto the lake - fishing.
  • Children's activities such as pottery and painting.
  • Waterfalls to swim under in the mountains.
  • Beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Thailand.
  • ABOUTAsia even has its own Children's Cinema for rainy days and can provide local babysitting services.

We are experienced in making family travel itineraries. Indeed when I first visited Cambodia it was with my own two year old son, Giovanni. Contact us and I would be pleased to put together an itinerary for you and address any questions you have. We adjust timings, introduce activites for the shorter attention span, even create activity sheets for children.

Cambodia provides a wonderful opportunity to educate children from more developed countries as to the challenges faced by others. Pictured (above, right) are my own children on a lake adventure with friends last year.

ABOUTAsia takes great care in recommending family-friendly accommodation in Cambodia, which is safe, clean and fairly priced - we know what a relief it is to return to a hotel which makes life easier for your family at the end of your day. Likewise our restaurant recommendations are carefully researched to provide a wide range of international cuisine in hygenic conditions.

  • Baby-sitting and child-minding
  • Child-friendly itineraries and activities
  • Child-friendly accommodation
  • Local support


Cambodia is a safe country to travel with children

Cambodia is a safe country to travel with children

Child Safety considerations

Cambodia is predominantly Theravedic Buddhist and has a culture that puts immense value on the family so you will find people very welcoming and tolerant. Since the defeat of the Khmer Rouge and the introduction of democracy, it has regained its former tranquil character. Siem Reap, especially, is safe and crimes against the person are virtually unknown.

Landmines continue to be a problem in more remote parts of the country but pose no threat to your family around the main tourist areas.

Cambodia is a malarial country but the main tourist areas of Siem Reap, the Angkor Temples, Tonle Sap Lake and Phnom Penh are classified as low-transmission zones. To our knowledge no guest of ABOUTAsia has ever caught malaria over the years. Sensible precautions are however advised especially around dawn and dusk.

If the worst happens and one of your children becomes ill Siem Reap and Phnom Penh have children's hospitals of international standard.

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