Tours of Cambodia

Tours of Cambodia have grown enormously since the 1990s, with Angkor Wat increasingly becoming a standard part of Southeast Asia tours, and Cambodia becoming a vacation destination in its own right. Siem Reap has become a boom town in recent years since the 1860 "discovery" of Angkor Wat; the largest monument to religious devotion in the world. Travelers have come from over the world to see these lost temples and other Angkorian & Pre-Angkorian sites. Visitors are also intrigued by the juxtaposition of the grandeur of ancient Khmer history and the tragedy of events in the second half of the twentieth century.

Ancient Cultures

Cambodia was once home to the

  • Khmer Angkorian Empire, a nation which controlled much of what is now South Vietnam and the Mekong Delta, as well as parts of modern Thailand and Laos. While there are still a few remains of the earlier
  • Funan and
  • Chenla civilizations, the wealth and power of the Angkorian Khmers ensured that a number of their temples and palaces remain to be seen. Some are very well preserved and rival ancient monuments from anywhere in the world; others are in a ruined state, although these are among the most atmospheric and photogenic sites to visit.

    Preah Rup

    Cows grazing outside of Preah Rup Temple

    Cambodian Beach Vacations

    Ancient cultures plus wildlife and nature-trekking - the perfect mix for a holiday in Cambodia? Sihanoukville, and the Islands off the Southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, offer beaches to rival those of Thailand, with modern beach resorts or simple beach huts to suit your taste, meaning that tours of Cambodia really can have a little bit of everything.

  • Cambodian Buddhist monk

    Cambodian Buddhist monk

    Cambodia Has Everything

    Cambodia is not just about temples! While for many, Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples are a stopover in a Southeast Asian itinerary, the opening up of the country has revealed a wealth of tourist opportunities. The country boasts some virtually untouched natural resources, which are now gaining the protection that they deserve. Some outstanding National Parks such as Botum Sakor in

  • Koh Kong, or Virachay in
  • Ratanakiri are now opening up to visitors, and the forests and rivers of Cambodia offers habitats for rare species such as
  • freshwater dolphins and mountain crocodiles.

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    A Cambodian Welcome

    Cambodia has natural resources, ancient history and, most of all, a welcoming people. If your aim from a holiday is to unwind, relax and forget about the stresses of modern life, then Cambodia is the place for you and Khmers are a people who will remind you how to smile.

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