Best Restaurants Battambang

La Villa

N 185 Pom Romchek 5 Kom Rattanak Srok, Battambang

La Villa Restaurant is superb. This charming 1930's boutique hotel consists of just 7 rooms, however the restaurant is very popular and has a lush al-fresco garden setting, or a spacious dining room with high ceilings, huge doors, and antique furniture. The food and service are second to none.

Pomme d'Amour

Street 2, No.63, Battambang

Pomme d'Amour is so much more than at first it may seem. A small patio, and only slightly larger restaurant, is full of character and the service is extremely welcoming. The food is very good, reasonably priced, and they go a bit further to serve you with 'amuse-bouches' or home-made French bread all on the house. A great place. (Please be aware that Pomme d'Amour has a traditional Cambodian guestroom).

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