Cambodia Guide to Battambang

Battambang, Cambodia's 2nd largest city, appears quiet at first as the 'center' is not as clearly defined as in other cities. You'll soon realize that this is what adds to it's beauty. Long roads lined with tall overhanging palm trees, friendly locals and children with beaming grins, and traditional French colonial tapestry intertwined with modern Khmer style mean the city's charm quickly unfolds in front of you. And then there are the surroundings - simply beautiful rural villages, mountains, jungle and ancient temples.

In the city

French colonial history is very evident, and architectural enthusiasts will relish the interplay of

  • French colonial buildings with modern Khmer influences and beautiful Buddhist temples which scatter the city. River tours can be arranged to take in the sights.

    Often tucked out of view, Battambang has some excellent restaurants. Traditional Khmer options from open air barbecues to charming intimate restaurants are plentiful while the French influence is evident in many places such as Pomme d'Amour and La Villa, which we judge to be 2 of the best Battambang restaurants.

    You are unlikely to party late into the night in Battambang, but there are several bars to keep revellers satisfied. La Villa bar is charming and spacious, or for after hours try Madison's across the Sangke River.

    Outside the city

    One of nature's playgrounds, stunning lush green jungle and countryside tracks and villages sitting under the shadow of ancient mountain top temples form an intricately designed web around the city.

  • Wat Ek Phnom is an ancient Angkorian ruin located next to a 30 meter high white sitting Buddha in the grounds of an adjacent modern Buddhist temple.
  • Phnom Banan is a similar very impressive mountain ruin which awards breathtaking views, while
  • Phnom Sampeau is a beautiful modern temple located atop a limestone cliff with great views also, reached after 8km along a beautiful Battambang country road. An alternative rural road back to town passes the only
  • winery in Cambodia. The
  • bamboo train is a must, a first-hand insight into this trusted Khmer travel initiative.

  • Battambang Phnom Sampeou Buddha and Cave

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