Best Bars Kep and Kampot

Rusty Keyhole (Kampot)

The Rusty Keyhole is built in a crumbling terraced building from the French colonial era. There is a fantastic atmosphere here, and it is almost always busy out on the terrace with Kampot locals and visitors alike, who flock here for the sunset and often stay a little later than planned.

Bar Red (Kampot)

Bar Red is one of the town's most popular bars. Excellent western and generous authentic Indian food draw in the crowds, and the friendly service, frequent live music, and great atmosphere make this place one of our favorites when in Kampot.


Kep is very detached from the party scene in Cambodia that you might find in Sihanoukville for example, and for the most part, you go to Kep to relax. Notwithstanding, it has been known that a quiet drink might develop into a slightly later affair. When in town we like to go to Botanica and Veranda will often have live music.

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Best bars and pubs Kep and Kampot

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