Best Kep and Kampot

Kampot is a picturesque town, capital of the province under the same name. A delightful riverside location, laid-back atmosphere and stunning surrounding scenery make this a very pleasant town in which to spend several days or longer. Nearby is Kep, the jewel in the crown of Kampot province with its peaceful coastal location, mouthwatering seafood, and spectacular sunsets.


Kampot's street fare is as traditional as it gets in Cambodia. However if you're looking for more familiar choice, you'll not be disappointed with the array of Kampot restaurants, mainly located along the river. Kep's famous speciality is crab - served fresh moments after being landed on the beach. Here's our choice of Kep and Kampot restaurants.


Kep and Kampot certainly don't feature highly on the Cambodian party circuit, rather the bars and pubs here cater to local clientele intent on enjoying the location, relaxed ambience and easy conversation. That's not to say they won't get lively every now and then. These Kep and Kampot bars are where we enjoy.


Kep and Kampot have some of the most spectacular sunsets in Southeast Asia, best enjoyed sitting on Kep beach or the banks of the Kampot river. Around Kampot the

  • Phnom Chhnork caves make a great excursion, or book a river cruise and other
  • Kampot attractions. Kep's beach is a must, or take a boat across to stunning
  • Rabbit Island. If you need more relaxation, look no further than the exquisite
  • Knai Bang Chatt spa. You can add the Kep and Kampot circut on out itinerary page.

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