Best Restaurants Kep and Kampot

Rusty Keyhole

Riverfront, 100m from the main bridge.

We've already mentioned this place as being a great bar, but we couldn't possibly go without mentioning the place again for one simple reason - the ribs! They claim they are the best in Cambodia, and we certainly won't argue. Try them for yourselves and see what you think.


Off International Route 33 toward the Apseca intersection

This is a fine seafood restaurant which serves excellent seafood in a broad variety of dishes, and always extremely fresh. The speciality is of course Kep crab, which really is excellent here and can be enjoyed while looking out over the ocean.

Kep Botanica

National Road 33a

With it's exhaustive worldwide menu we can guarantee that you will find something here you've never tried, or even heard of, before. Botanica is a charming Kep bungalow resort, and it's additional restaurant is fantastic, and dishes from Austria, Peru or even Indonesia feature. The steak with banana is unusally delicious.

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Best restaurants Kep Kampot

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