Best Shopping Phnom Penh

Central Market (Psaa Thmei)

Central Phnom Penh next to bus station.

This is one of Cambodia's most iconic buildings - a massive 1930's art-deco dome in central Phnom Penh. Clothes, food, handicraft and just about anything you may or may not need, from the sublime to the ridiculous can be found here, and the market has a great atmosphere.

Russian Market

Behind Monivong Boulevard, southern Phnom Penh.

Built in the communist era of the early 1980's and used as a depot in Phnom Penh, nowadays the Russian market offers the best of Cambodian wares in the way of designer clothes, silk clothing and decorations, pottery, artwork and gifts and souvenirs. The market is large and you'll need around an hour to take it all in.

Other spots in town

Phnom Penh, like all busySoutheast Asian capitals, has its fair share of shopping choices. Here's what we judge to be worth your while:

  • Ambre - Top quality and innovative clothes and accessories, all personally designed by designer Romyda Keith and made in house.
  • Sovanna Shopping Center - The largest mall in town, come here to get just about anything. Unfortunately, bargaining here is not an option!
  • Smateria - Set up as an intitiative to encourage local Cambodian creativity, recycled 'Tetrapaks' are made into tasteful handbags, wallets and more.
  • Ida Gallery - Boutique furniture shop with tastefully crafted Indonesian and Cambodian furniture, which is made to order also for overseas delivery

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