Cambodia Weather in April - fruit explosions



The weather in Cambodian April is determined by the last month of the dry NE monsoon with generally fine weather, but very humid. A week of light showers, nicknamed the 'Mango Rains' is not uncommon towards the middle of that month. April can be very hot indeed. The high season is now over, and some very competitive hotel deals start to appear, as tourist numbers drop. With fewer crowds, and still mostly dry days, this can be a good time to visit - but the heat means that the middle of the day should be avoided. Bookings can be difficult over the Khmer New Year (mid April), as many businesses close over the holiday.

Touring highlights in April

  • Average of 10-12 hours per day sunshine with bright mornings some showers towards the middle of April.
  • Temperatures range from 25ºC (77ºF) to 35ºC (95ºF)
  • Crowd avoidance is much better as the large tourist groups rarely come during April.
  • April is the season of some of the finest tropical fruits Cambodia has to offer, particularly Asian mangos. During this month, there is a overflow of the deliciously perfect yellow fruit, often coming down to as low as $1.50 for a dozen in the local wet market.
  • This is also the month of the Cambodian New Year. While it may be hard to get bookings during those few days, if you arrive before it begins you may get to enjoy the delights of the many parties the locals have during this time. They are often very happy to have foriegners join them in thier celebrating, with food, drink, traditional dancing, and fun local games a regular part of the celebrations!

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  • Daylight Hours


    First Light - 0527
    Sunrise - 0548

    Sunset - 1812
    Last Light - 1834



    Chance of precipitation on any given day - 20%
    This means there are about 6 rainy days in the duration of April.



    Minimum - 25ºC
    Maximum - 34ºC

    ABOUTAsia staff view: Why visit in April

    Savonn says: "Even though it's hot in April, I love it the most because it is the month of the Cambodian New Year! When I was a student in high school, I always looked forward to April because we would have a break of at least ten days when we return to our villages and meet with our family"

    "Of course, for such an important festival, we also have a lot of good food. I love the fruits in this season too - mangoes are delicious and the local favourite is Jambolan Plum! There are many mango and plum trees in Battambang and I think tourists will enjoy this month a lot because the Cambodians love to have a good party and the Khmer New Year is our best reason to celebrate"

    Khmer Proverb

    The immature rice stock stands erect; the mature stock hangs heavy with seeds


    Those who lack accomplishments (seeds) try to make up for their deficiencies by propping themselves up and boasting of themselves (standing erect - a trait of the young). Those heavy with accomplishments have no need for boasting because they have already proven their worth and instead behave with humility (characterized by their being hunched over - a trait of the elderly).


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