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The dry NE monsoon is well established with generally fine, dry weather. January in Cambodia is quite lovely. The weather is at its mildest, rainy days are very unusual (sunrises and sunsets are very reliable), and water levels around the Tonle Sap are still high, so boat trips are still good. These ideal conditions mean that prices are very much at their highest, with New Year deals at the top

Is January a good time to visit Cambodia?

  • Average of 9 hours per day sunshine with little chance of rain.
  • Temperatures range from 20ºC (68ºF) to 30ºC (86ºF)
  • Crowd avoidance research is important throughout the month.
  • Visit the flooded forests and fishing communities of beautiful Tonle Sap with water levels high.
  • Swim under the 20m waterfalls in the Kulen Mountains.

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  • Daylight Hours


    First Light - 0603
    Sunrise - 0625

    Sunset - 1801
    Last Light - 1823



    Chance of precipitation on any given day - 4%
    This means that on average it rains on only one or two days in January



    Minimum - 20ºC
    Maximum - 30ºC

    ABOUTAsia staff view: Why visit in January

    Andrew Hadcroft says: "I arrived in my new home country in January - so this will always be a special month for me. The weather is great - sunshine all day and I can hear the gnashing of teeth back home (in the UK) as I describe the clear skies and the breath-taking sunrises and sunsets."

    "Of course, these ideal conditions mean that hotel prices are very much at their highest. Not that my friends care - there is always a spare room in my new home for my friends and family"

    Khmer Proverb

    Metal gives rise to rust, which will always eat the metal in return


    Reference to bad karma - i.e. evil act will eventually return to harm the individual who instigated it.

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