Cambodia Weather in June - clouds on the horizon



Cambodia - Weather in June. The wet SW monsoon is slowly becoming established. Humidity is around 50-70% during the day, 80-90% at night, making it feel hotter than it really is. By June, the temperatures are starting to drop, and the fierce heat of March and April eases off as the rain comes in. Rains are frequent, but not usually heavy or long. Travel can be extremely rewarding with the much lower numbers of tourists, although sunrises and sunsets are very much a matter of luck. Tourist numbers at some sites can be as low as 5-10% of peak season levels.

Touring highlights in June

  • Average of 10-12 hours per day sunshine with bright mornings some showers towards the middle of June.
  • Temperatures range from 24ºC (75ºF) to 33ºC (91ºF)
  • Crowd avoidance is easy as large tourist groups are virtually non-existant.
  • The temeratures in the Angkor complex are typically several degrees lower due to the large amount of trees & forested area that retain cool temperatures

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  • Daylight Hours


    First Light - 0514
    Sunrise - 0537

    Sunset - 1825
    Last Light - 1848



    Chance of precipitation on any given day - 60% unless the monsoon is late.
    Wet days are becoming more common.



    Minimum - 24ºC
    Maximum - 33ºC

    ABOUTAsia staff view: Why visit in June

    Sophalla says: "I drive a remorque so I am always happy when there is for cooler weather. In June, it is not as hot as the previous months and I really enjoy it. There is some rain all around - in the fields for the farmers and their animals, in the forests, and at the temples."

    "The rain makes everything green - the farmers are working in the field and there are many cows and buffaloes. I think tourists should see this - I am a Cambodian and I like this (landscape) the most. Crickets are plentiful this season and they are delicious, deep-fried and washed down with a beer. You must try it!"

    Khmer Proverb

    Enter a stream at the turn; enter a boat at the port; enter a country according to its customs.


    Act appropriately according to the situation. The third phrase is similar to "When in Rome, do as the Romans".

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