Cambodia Weather in May - sunny days



Cambodia - Weather in May. First month of the wet SW monsoon, with increasing rain and thunderstorms and high humidity. The monsoon have come late more and more often, but in a typical year, the occasional thunderstorms have given way to the regular rains of the monsoon. Days may alternate between hot and dry and cooler with rain. Rains do not last for long, and can generally be worked around. Tourist numbers are now much lower than in high season, and many special offers can be found.

Touring highlights in May

  • Average of 10-12 hours per day sunshine with bright mornings some showers towards the middle of May.
  • Temperatures range from 25ºC (77ºF) to 35ºC (95ºF)
  • Crowd avoidance is easy as large tourist groups are virtually non-existant.
  • The temeratures in the Angkor complex are typically several degrees lower due to the large amount of trees & forested area that retain cool temperatures

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  • Daylight Hours


    First Light - 0515
    Sunrise - 0548

    Sunset - 1816
    Last Light - 1839



    Chance of precipitation on any given day - 50% unless the monsoon is late.
    If not, then about half of the days will see some rain.



    Minimum - 25ºC
    Maximum - 35ºC

    ABOUTAsia staff view: Why visit in May

    Olaia says: "This was the hottest month for me! I just wanted to sit by the hotel pool all day because it was baking hot. Fortunately, I took a break and visited Battambang which was so much greener compared to the rest of Cambodia. "

    "In Battambang, I found a particular fruit known as Soursop. It was a bit tart and they made a fantastic shake with it. That was the summer drink for me - cold, refreshing, and very Cambodian."

    Khmer Proverb

    If you want knowledge, act as if ignorant


    A person who acts as if ignorant will put forth greater effort in listening to and learning from others. A person who thinks he or she already knows everything will have no inclination to listen or learn.

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