Cambodia Weather

Cambodia and Laos have a two-season weather pattern. Set between 13 and 17 north of the equator, the region has a warm tropical climate perfect for those seeking a change from the temperate European or North American climate.

The weather patterns are influenced by the wet and dry seasonal winds of Southeast Asia, which create two distinct seasons - dry and wet (also known as Green Season because of the vibrant color the rains bring).

When planning to travel in the region, it´s a good idea to consider three weather related factors:
-For tranquil, crowd-free travel and great hotel deals, travel outside of the peak, dry season months of November to March.
-Consider your tolerance of temperatures and humididty - often high by Western standards.

Our Senior Travel Advisors live in the region, (most for many years!) and so are well aquainted with the weather patterns and will be happy to give frank advice based on your travel dates.

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Not sure when to travel? Talk to us, our Travel Advisors live in the region, and can give expert travel advice and current weather information.

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The Region's Two Seasons

Dry Seaosn

Dry Season ( November - April )

Cool dry air from the North ushers in the Southeast Asian dry season; from the beginning of November until mid April, you can be sure of clear skies and almost no rain. The countryside dries out under the cloudless skies and the level of Tonle Sap lake drops to its minimum.

Dry Season Graphic

The temperatures between November and February make up the traditional high season, as larger numbers of visitors travel through the region, coaxed by the promise of cloudless skies and cool temperatures. In April, the average humiditiy and heat rise to the highest of the year.

View of Dry Season
Green Season

Green Season ( May - October )

May and June bring moisture-laden air from the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand, bringing greenery back to the region´s countryside.

Green Season Graphic

Don´t be concerned by the season´s showers, however; the rains form a predictable pattern - clear, sunny mornings and a 60% chance of showers in the mid to late afternoon-and bring green into the countryside. The humidity and temperatures drop to a low around October when the weather can feel almost Mediterranean.

View of Green Season

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