Do and Don'ts in Cambodia?

Smile, relax and have fun are the big "dos". Cambodia is a mainly Buddhist country (95% of the population are Theravada Buddhists) and the religion has a big influence in the country's culture and habits. Here are some recommendations for culturally sensitive travel:

  • Avoid aggression and confontration at all costs, raised voices and loss of temper are considered extremely rude.
  • Dress modestly if possible and avoid wearing very short skirts or shorts and revealing clothes.
  • Take your shoes off before entering a private house or a pagoda.
  • Don't touch someone on the head, it is considered vey impolite.
  • Feet are considered low and using them for anything else than walking is rude. Don't raise your feet on tables or chairs.
  • Don't show dispalys of affection such as kissing or hugging in public, it is very impolite.
  • Ask permission before you take photos of people, some people are shy and do not like being portrayed.
  • Please do not give children gifts as it encourages begging.
Bowing with both hands raised is considered polite in Cambodia

Bowing with both hands raised is considered polite in Cambodia

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