Can I use dollars/travelers cheques?

Although the Riel is the local currency, US Dollars are widely accepted and exchanged. This is in no way unofficial or a 'black-market'; the Cambodia visa payment on entry to the country is (and must be) paid in dollars. The Riel is normally used for small daily transactions and it is convenient to have some Riel notes (or plenty of US$1) for small purchases as local businesses very rarely have change. For bigger payments such as hotels, restaurant bills etc. you can use dollars.

Small businesses tend to use a fixed exchange rate of 4,000 or 4,100 Riel to the Dollar to facilitate payments, so if you pay in US Dollars they will give you change in Riel using this exchange rate. For a more accurate rate you can use this converter.

Travelers cheques can be cashed at any bank or money changer in Cambodia, with a usual commission of 1-2%. Large hotels will accept travelers cheques, but it may be a bit more problematic to spend them in small businesses and it is advisable to carry cash with you. Please visit our

  • Cambodian Money page for further detail. Finding ATMs in the cities is easy.

  • US Dollars and Riels are the two forms of currency in Cambodia

    US Dollars are widely used in Cambodia.

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