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Coolabah Resort

Coolabah Resort is a boutique hotel located on the hill just behind Occheuteal Beach which is one of the newer additions to the town. Modern, airy and spacious and within a stone's throw from the beach.


The hotel is situated just off the road on the hill behind Occheuteal beach, just within a couple of minutes walk from the beach.


There are 30 rooms in the hotel.

Best Rooms

The best room available is the Coolabah Suite. Here there is a king-sized double suite with separate lounge, luxury bathroom and its own private terrace. We usually book the Balcony rooms.


The hotel has an alfresco restaurant which features both local and western dishes, a spa, and enjoyable bar which has quizzes, live music and free movies.

Coolabah Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Coolabah boutique hotel in Sihanoukville


Despite being next to the beach, you might never make it there once you discover the jacuzzi spa complete with waterfall - very relaxing indeed.

"I stayed at the Coolabah with my wife for 2 weeks in April. We both loved this hotel. As experienced travellers past the backpacking stage, we loved the comfort and cleanliness of this hotel. The staff were excellent and knowledgeable and always very welcoming. We did not eat dinner at the restaurant in the first week to our detriment as I got ill from eating food on the beach...After 2 days in bed I went to the restaurant for dinner and was so glad we did. Verona's Aussie pie was a godsend. The fish dishes on the menu are also superb and worth paying a $1 more than the bog standard fair that is offered in most of the restaurants nearby."

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