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Knai Bang Chatt

Knai Bang Chatt in Kep is a unique accommodation consisting of three renovated villas built in the 1970s by students of Vann Molyvann. Each room is individually decorated with a stylish and minimalist design - every aspect carefully selected to maximise comfort and relaxation. An idyllic retreat for a relaxing getaway.


The villas are located about 500 meters from Kep beach, on the seafront facing West.


Knai Bang Chatt has 11 rooms of stylish decoration and the villas have large terraces with views over the sea and the the islands.

Best Rooms

All the rooms are of similar quality although each one it its own unique style. Some rooms have a view to the sea while others have a view to the garden. Knai Bang Chatt is currently being refurbished, and will be fully open in December 2012, with an additional 7 rooms and a large family suite.


The resort has a salt water infinity pool, sailing club, restaurant (built in a former fisherman's house with a pier and a dock to the sea) and a spa.

Knai Bang Chatt boutique hotel in Kep, Cambodia

Knai Bang Chatt resort in Kep


This resort is a stylish and luxurious getaway where relaxation is a must. Do not expect full 5 star hotel amenities (no televisions unless you really insist!) but instead a stylish oasis of calm - with an emphaisis on 5* service in a beautifully simple environment.

"I think it takes a traveller of certain taste to really appreciate the resort. The minimalist, rustic mood of the whole place can only resonate to people who understand the elegance of a pared down aesthetic. But it's not spartan if you consider the thoughtful organic objects, like driftwood and nature's refuse, assembled artfully and displayed in nooks and walls. I stayed in the pool the whole day...You will not enjoy Knai Bang Chatt if you're looking for clubs, room service and the trappings of a regular 5-star hotel. No gift shop, my dear. But then as Coco Chanel famously said, 'Elegance is refusal'."

If it's full...

Knai Bang Chatt is one of a kind. Villa Romonea is the closest in style, although more suited for larger groups, or Veranda is the best alternative for a small group. Slightly further afield, is Nataya Coral Bay resort, past Kampot, at the foot of Bokor mountain.

Visit the Knai Bang Chatt website here.

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