Flights Singapore-Phnom Penh

Flights Singapore-Phnom Penh are currently operated by both SilkAir and JetStar, and cheap flights between Phnom Penh and Singapore can be found on these airlines, when booking well in advance. Unlike the Siem Reap-Singapore flights, these run in the morning and afternoon, making longer distance traveling easier to schedule, although the flight times are not the same on all days of the week, so careful checking should be done. These flights can fill up quickly at holiday times.

Cambodia Flight Tickets

We are not, generally, able to supply international air tickets, although we are able to offer advice on traveling to Cambodia by air. We have found that the internet airline sites are generally hard to beat on price, so we recommend that you arrange your flight to Cambodia, and let us look after you once you are here. It is sometimes possible to arrange group flights to Cambodia, so please get in contact if you would like to investigate cheap flight packages to the country. If you have a strong preference to take the risk out of flight bookings in Asia, then we will make those arrangements for you.

Planning a stopover?

Singapore, one of the world's smallest countries, which is perhaps more like a large city, is a model of efficiency and a success story for the rest of the world to follow. Business aside though, there is culture abound. Its multicultural and diverse population has played a part in the success story of Singapore, but also contributed to the rich cultural tapestry of the country, with much to experience in terms of religion, cuisine, history. and of course, shopping!

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