Flights Thailand-Cambodia

Flights Thailand-Cambodia are currently only available from Bangkok (to both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh). Bangkok Airways operates flights between Bangkok-Siem Reap (for which it has the monopoly) and Bangkok-Phnom Penh, while Thai Airways and Air Asia both fly between Bangkok and Phnom Penh. At the moment, the regional airports in Thailand do not have direct Cambodia Flights, but several airlines, including Nokair, 1-2-Go, Bangkok Airways and Air Asia fly to Thailand's regional airports, so connections to Chiang Mai as well as Phuket, Koh Samui and other airports servicing beach reasorts are easy to arrange.

Cambodia Flight Tickets

We are not, usually, able to supply international air tickets for flights between Cambodia and Thailand. We can offer advice on traveling to and from Cambodia by air, but we have found that we cannot (usually) find better deals than are able to be found on the internet. We therefore recommend that you arrange your flight to Cambodia, and let us look after you once you are here. It is sometimes possible to arrange group flights to Cambodia, so please get in contact if you would like to investigate cheap flight packages to the country.

Planning a stopover?

Flights to Cambodia from Thailand are via Bangkok, meaning you get the opportunity to experience this bustling Southeast Asian city, with its endless shopping, dining and entertainment options. What's more, Thailand's internal hubs include the trendy city of Chiang Mai in the north where ancient Buddhist culture and modernization meet, Chiang Rai, its smaller but ever maturing sibling, and of course beautiful locations in the south where you can spend a few days on the white sand.

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