Bangkok - Sihanoukville

Bangkok - Sihanoukville is only possible by land transport. There was a ferry service from Koh Kong to Sihanoukville, but this was suspended at the time of writing. You must rise and shine very early if you wish to get from one to the other all in one day, otherwise expect the journey to spill over to two days with a stopover in Krong Koh Kong - see below. Companies who offer to facilitate the whole journey from A to B for very cheap do operate, but be very wary - usually the price reflects the more often than not unreliable and uncomfortable service.

Bangkok to Trat

From Bangkok, the first leg of this journey is to go to Trat in Southeast Thailand and close to the border. From Ekamai (east Bangkok) or Morchit (north Bangkok) bus stations you can catch excellent air conditioned government buses to Trat. These cost around 250 Baht (US$7.50), will take around 5-6 hours, and run regularly from 6am. Once you reach Trat, you will need to take a minibus, moto or tuk-tuk to the border town of Hat Lek. Minibus is cheapest at around 120 Baht. Then from here cross through the border, shrugging off touts or illegitimate border controls. Khmer immigration officials may try to get more money from you, asking for Baht as payment. You can absolutely pay in dollars, but depending on your timescales a small tip could make things run more 'efficiently'.

Koh Kong to Sihanoukville

Once through the border at Cham Yeam, Visa in hand, you need to take another moto to Krong Koh Kong (approx US$3) from where you can start your final leg of the journey - the bus to Sihanoukville. These leave from the main bus station in Koh Kong and should cost around US$14, taking around 5-6 hours, and dropping you at the main bus station in downtown Sihanoukville. If you've arrived in Koh Kong after 4pm however, you may have to stay overnight and leave in the morning if the buses have finished for the day, although bus timetables are subject to change.

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