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As gateways to hidden civilizations and places of enriching encounters between adventurers, port cities have always stirred the imagination of travelers. In Asia, such cities were ports of call for both East and West, each proud of its ancient cultural heritage yet always influenced by global thoughts and experiences. Traditionally home to inspiration, passion and ambition, today these cities have developed into uniquely diverse societies with vibrant, creative urban landscapes.

To complement our bespoke journeys in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, ABOUTAsia has partnered with the best local experts and guides in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok to conveniently connect your hand-crafted itineraries in these gateway cities to your explorations in Southeast Asia.

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Hong Kong

3 Days - From US$1,048 per person

Explore hidden alleyways, herbal markets, feng shui inspired landmark buildings and rooftop cocktail bars to experience what Hong Kong once was, and what it is today.

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3 Days - From US$1,357 per person

Rewriting the long-outdated image of sterile, boring Singapore, rediscover through local insight and out-of-the-box experiences how this vibrant and colorful tropical metropolis constantly reinvents itself.

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We are currently exploring the best of this exciting city. Enquire for our latest ideas and recommendations.

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