Angkor Wat Tour

Angkor Wat touring information, walking routes, times and costs for visiting Angkor Wat temple and the surrounding Angkor temples of the UNESCO World Heritage site near Siem Reap in northwestern Cambodia.

Touring Angkor Wat temple

The Basics
Angkor Wat Temple lies 6km north of Siem Reap by good road. It can be visited throughout the year between sunrise and sunset for the basic cost of an entrance ticket and local transportation. The temple is usually combined with visits to other nearby Angkor temples.

Timing and Crowd Avoidance.
As the world's largest religious monument and an architectural wonder Angkor Wat temple gets overun with coachloads of tourists at peak times. Most guidebooks and temple guides continue to follow an established route and timing of visit so concentrating the crowds into certain places at key times of the day. Our researchers will plan your visit to the temples quite differently over your stay for the optimum elements of lighting and crowd avoidance as determined by our research programs. Other organisations guess at the best routes and timing; we take the time to measure crowd flows, test itineraries and understand the best program for any given season.

If you want the very best experience of Angkor Wat either browse our example tours (top-right) or let us know your requirements. We will respond quickly to help you with a proposal.

Improve your visit with a Guide.
You will benefit greatly from using a guide to Angkor Wat, either a good guidebook such as Dawn Rooney's "Angkor" or better, a professional temple guide attached to a research program. These large temples in various states of ruin are beautiful but you will quickly tire unless you understand their purpose, significance and history.

Having spent so much time and money traveling to get this close you will transform your visit by using the right guide. ABOUTAsia's Centre of Guiding Research has suitable experienced guides benefiting from an extensive research program into routes, timing and crowd avoidance, nature and photography. ABOUTAsia guiding starts at around US$30 per day depending on language and itinerary.

All tours created individually for you by our specialists - some examples tours:

Tours Beyond Angkor Wat

There is more to Siem Reap than Angkor Wat and more to Cambodia than Siem Reap. Historical and photogenic forest temples, lifestyles in the countryside, villages and fishing communities, the birdlife of the Tonle Sap lake and the mountains - we take the time to understand your interests and will produce an optimum tour itinerary to suit you.

ABOUTAsia is based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat, and are are the acknowledged experts in guiding around the temples of Angkor Wat and Siem Reap. World class luxury travel brands such as Venice Simplon Orient Express trust only ABOUTAsia with their guests in Cambodia.

An Example 4 Days of Angkor Wat Tour

Day 1: Arrival Into Siem Reap

sunset drinks in front of Angkor Thom

Met on arrival in Siem Reap with private transfer to your hotel of choice. In the afternoon, you will have your first taste of the Angkor temples. Explore the sprawling labyrinth of Banteay Kdei with its Hall of the Dancing Girls. Enjoy sunset drinks with a leisurely boat ride on the moat of Angkor Thom and view hidden elements of the ancient Khmer water systems, relaxing with G&T in hand and accompanied by the sound of bird song.

Day 2: Secret Temples Of The Forest

ta prohm temple overgrown with trees

Morning: Rise early to visit Ta Prohm of 'Tomb' Raider fame, then walk through forest to the lightly-visited temple of Ta Nei. Pause for a late morning breakfast in the heart of the Angkor Park, concluding at Ta Keo following our thoroughly researched crowd-avoidance itinerary.

Afternoon: At the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom walk along the 8m high laterite city wall to the Death Gate. Take in Preah Palilay, Phimeanakas and Baphuon before reaching Bayon with its capitvating giant stone faces.

Day 3: Angkor Wat & The Great Tonle Sap Lake

Angkor sunrise

Morning: Motor through the darkness of pre-dawn to welcome sunrise over Angkor Wat as we guide you to the best photo vantage points. Explore this architectural wonder and the world-class bas-reliefs in the hours immediately after sunrise when it is at its quietest.

Afternoon: The Tonle Sap Lake is the richest freshwater fishing ground in the world with an ever-changing landscape due to seasonal variations in water levels. Discover authentic subsistence fishing villages by private boat with a picnic lunch included.

Day 4 - Local Markets & Artisan Workshops

local market

Morning: Explore the Old Market for souvenir shopping or Psa Leu to roam narrow lanes of stalls selling an array of exotic edibles. Artisans D'Angkor workshop offers excellent quality sandstone, silver wood and silk while Theam's House is a contemporary gallery-meets-artisan studio. A private transfer will take you to the airport for your departure flight.

With more time add on a visit to authentic rural villages by boat, foot and ox-cart culminating at ABOUTAsia's stunning country villa.

Cambodia travel information and Angkor Wat tour specialists ABOUTAsia are based in Siem Reap just 4km from Angkor Wat. At the heart of the organisation is a guiding research centre providing Cambodia vacation advice and industry leading tours planning.


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