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ABOUTAsia was founded with one aim: to no less than change the lives of its guests and the communities in which they travel.

ABOUTAsia Travel donates 100% of ALL profits to local communities through education.

By choosing to travel with us, you'll be helping to support the following four targeted programs run by ABOUTAsia Schools, which has supported nearly 53,000 Cambodian children across 110 schools since its inception.

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1. School Supplies Program

With no, or extremely limited, Government funding, most rural schools are in desperate need of support to allow them to function and cover their basic expenses. ABOUTAsia Schools is committed to carefully evaluating the situation at each school. We buy and deliver materials to facilitate learning such as pens, textbooks and chalk. We donate bicycles, computers and carry out facility repairs and renovations which enable students to study throughout the year.

2. The English Program

Currently running 50 classes daily, our English Program employs and trains Cambodian English teachers to deliver free English tuition for Primary Students. It also facilitates learning through equipping the teachers with curriculum textbooks and the means to monitor and assess the student's progress. With tourism the main industry in Siem Reap, this grounding in English Language is vital to enabling a student's future chances of employment.

Artworks in classroom

Students reading

3. Teacher Training Academy

Open to both ABOUTAsia Teachers and those from other organizations, our Teacher Training Academy aims to create a community of Cambodian teachers who are equipped with the training they need to build a culture of professional development, and improved standards of teaching and learning. Not only will this provide the teachers with the tools to eventually lead their own training, but it will develop the perception of teaching as a desirable profession, associated with progression and prestige.

4. Community Learning Centers

Based on our research of factors pertaining to educational success here in Cambodia, access to reading materials and course textbooks was found to outweigh everything else. We decided that this should be our area of focus, and that by bypassing school corruption through taking a community centered approach we would be able to ensure greater accessibility for all. As well as access to key textbooks, AAS learning centers provide reading materials for leisure, craft activities, sports equipment and a venue for community workshops and events.


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