East Prasat Top

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East Prasat Top in Cambodia is one of the small Angkor temples, also known as "Mangalartha" (named after the Brahmin monk Jayamangalartha to whom the temple was dedicated) or "Monument 487" (the reference number in the French inventory of monuments). Located within the

  • Angkor Thom City, about 300 meters south of
  • Victory Gate, it is the last Hindu temple to be built at Angkor Although architecturally not very imressive (it consists of a small ruined shrine on a basement overwrown with vegetation) this small tower is historically very important and it is worth including it in a visit to the Angkor Thom.

    East Prasat Top tour notes

    East Prasat Top is located 11.1km from Siem Reap (17 minutes by car, 23 minutes bu Tuk Tuk). Take Sivatha Road from Siem Reap town and continue until you reach the Angkor Wat Moat. Turn left and continue along the moat, pass through the

  • Angkor Thom South Gate and once you pass Bayon turn right towards
  • Victory Gate. When you reach Preah Pampil Loveng turn right to a small path about 300 meters long that will take you to East Prasat Top. You can visit the tower at any time of the day although the afternoon may be optimal to avoid the hottest part of the day. Allow 15 minutes to the explore the tower and its surroundings.

  • Itinerary planning

    • East Prasat Top Cambodia - Combine East Prasat Top with Victory Gate, Terrace of the leper King, Elephant Terrace and Bayon for a full day out of Siem Reap.

    East Prasat Top history summary

    East Prasat Top is the last known Hindu temple to be built at Angkor, at a time when Buddhism was replacing the religion of the Empire. It is also the last of the monuments with a dated inscription refering to the period that followed the death of Jayavarman VII. It was built on the late 13th - early 14th century, in 1295AD according to tis four sided inscribed stele, in sandstone, and it is believed it was erected in honor of the Brahman scholar Mangalartha.

    ABOUTAsia Head Guide says

    "Although this monument is not as impressive as some of the other structures within the Angkor Thom city it is worth combining it with a visit to Bayon and the walk from Victory Gate is very pleasant."

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