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Prasats Suor Prat is the collective name given to a group of 12 identical (when built, now in a varying state) small temples, or towers, constructed from laterite and sandstone which are set within in attractive forest backdrop within

  • Angkor Thom City. The towers don't have any architectural characteristics which make their date of construction easily specifiable, and historians have debated that they could have been constructed as early as the 11th century, during the Bayon period under Jayavarman VII, or even post Bayon. The temples appear to be shrines, but again there is no distinct evidence which highlights the function of these temples. The only existing reference to these temples was by a 13th century Chinese diplomat, Zhou Daguan, who claimed that the temples were used to settle disputes. Two men charged of a crime would be kept for several days, after which when they emerged the one showing any ailment in health would be declared guilty, having been punished by the gods.

    Prasats Suor Prat tour notes

    Distance from Siem Reap to Prasats Suor Prat is approx 11km (approx 15 minutes by car, 20 minutes by tuk-tuk, or an hour by bicycle). Take Charles de Gaulle Road to

  • Angkor Wat and continue past the entrance on your right and continue north toward Angkor Thom. Once inside approximately 300 meters on your right will be the Prasats Suor Prat, in front of Elephant Terrace. An expert local tour guide from Siem Reap will ensure you get the very best from your visit here.

    Itinerary planning

    • Prasats Suor Prat, Cambodia - Due to its proximity with Angkor Wat and the Bayon its always a great choice to combine a visit to Prasats Suor Prat with these two important temples. Being within Angkor Thom also, combine with your choice of any of the temples within the ancient city.
  • Prasats Suor Prat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Prasats Suor Prat


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    "The modern day name for this collection of temples is "The Towers of the Tightrope Walkers". Perhaps this is rather fantastical, but it would be quite a scene to see on any visit to the Angkor Complex!"

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