Angkor Wat Maps

Siem Reap Angkor temples in chronological sequence

King Site Ref
Indravarman I Preah Ko (12km) 1
Bakong (12km) 2
Yasovarman I East Baray 3
Phnom Bakheng 4
Rajendravarman Bantey Srey (37km ) 5
Jayavarman V Ta Keo 6
varman II
Baphoun 7
Suryavarman II Beng Melea (57km) 8
Angkor Wat 9
Jayavarman VII Bayon 10
Elephant Terraces 11
Neak Pean 12
Preah Khan 13
Angkor Thom 14
South Gate Angkor Thom 14A
Ta Prohm 15
Banteay Kdei 16
angkor wat maps angkor wat bayon - Angkor Thom Beng Mealea South Gate of Angkor Thom ta Prohm Banteay Kdei Banteay Srei (alternative Banteay Srey) Phnom Bakheng Preah Khan Neak Pean East Baray twin temples Pre Rup & East mebon Ta Keo preah ko bakong Angkor Thom elephant terrace, terrace of the leper king Baphuon Angkor Thom - the great city of jayavarman VII

Angkor Wat Map - click on each temple

Angkor Wat Map

Angkor Park Map - this gives a clickable link to the main temples of the Angkor archaeological park.


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