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Ta Nei Temple is located deep in the cambodian jungle, at about 200 meters to the west of the East Baray. It is not easy to located this temple, and for that reason not many people visit this site. Follow the main road that leads to the temple north of Takeo until the it splits into different paths. You can access the temple through any of those paths as they all lead to the Western entrance of the temple. This is the easiest access to the building. The temple consists of an enclosure wall and one floor building that consists of different corridors and galleries. The architecture is reminiscent of that of Ta Som, and some of the apsara carvings have maintained their original beauty. Please note that due to the fact that some of the galleries inside the temple have collapsed over the years it is necessary to climb over fallen stones spread over the floor of the temple.

  • Ta Nei temple. Travel around 15km from Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Ta Nei Temple carvings

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