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Ta Prohm was left mainly unrestored by archaeologists and some areas of the temple are imprenetable or access is very difficult. Due to the poor state of the temple and its size and complexity orientation is not easy and a Ta Prohm plan or a local guide are essential when visiting the site. Ta Prohm is a flat Khmer temple structure with 5 rectangular enclosing walls, a central sanctuary and series of long low buildings connected with passages and local galleries. Traditionally access to the site was from the west, but since the clearance of the east entrance this last one is becoming a more popular starting point. You can ask your trasport to drop you off at this entrance and pick you up in the western entrance.

If you enter the enclosure from the eastern Gopura next to the road, the path ahead will lead you to a grand sandstone terrace 500 meters long and with a cruciform shape. Beyond the terrace you will see a sencond Gopura, the most important of Ta Prohm entrances with beautiful Buddhist bas-reliefs. Ahead of this Gopura we find the Hall of Dancers, a 20mx30m building containing lintels carved with dancing apsaras. It is believed that the function of this room was for ritual dances. Walk along the right of this room and you will see a series of galleries and shrines carved with Buddhist scenes. The Central Sanctuary is camouflaged amonst these galleries and it is not easily recognisable, mainly due to its lack of decoration. The nakedness of the walls are possibly due to the fact that the room was decorated with perishable materials such as wood that have long disappeared. From here onwards you can get lost in the charming passages and galleries preferably progressing westwards until you reach the last and western Gopura in the outer enclosure wall.


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    Ta Phrom plan courtesy of Maurice Glaize.

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