Kratie Cambodia Tourist Attractions

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Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins, kratie

Irrawaddy Freshwater Dolphins

This Cambodia tourist attraction is a unique opportunity to spot the endangered dolphin species that once abounded along the Mekong river. Nowadays, only few dozens remain and one of the best places to see them is in Kratie. Tours can be arranged to see the elusive dolphins along the river and the wonderful surroundings of the Mekong make it a well worthwhile experience, specially if combined with a sunset over the river.

phnom sombok, kratie

Phnom Sombok

Phnom Sombok is a relatively new temple on top of the only hill in Kratie. The temple in itself is a nice modern Buddhist temple but what it is really remarkable is the paintings on the inner wall depicting torture scenes awarded to those who do not keep a holy life. The setting of the temple is stunning, with views over the Mekong river, and a rich variety of trees, birds and wildife in the surrounding forest. It can be easily combined with a trip to see the dolphins.

Sambor, near kratie


Sambor town was the site of an important city that dates back to the ancient Hindu Kingdom of Funan around the 1st century AD. Records in Sanskrit mentioning the city date back to the third century. Unfortunatelly nothing remains of this old city and modern day Sambor is a nice town that is home to the biggest Wat in Cambodia, Wat Moi Roi.

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