Angkor Borei

Angkor Borei is a town in the southern province of Ta Keo that has become one of the Cambodia Tourist attractions due to its ancient history. Angkor Borei was the site for one of the earliest kingdoms in

  • Cambodian History. It is believed to be the city of Vyadharapura, the last capital of the Funan King Rudravarman back in the 6th century. When the Chenla Kingdom conquered the Funan Kingdom and divided in Chenla of the land and Chenla of the waters, Angkor Borei became the capital of latter in the 8th century.

    Angkor Borei has been inhabited for 2500 years and object and artefacts belonging to the Neolithic period, the Funan kingdom, the Chenla kingdom and the Angkoria period have been discovered in subsequent archaeological excavations. Unfortunatelly there are not significant ruins of this town's past but archaeological work continues and in 2008 a modern archaeological Museum was opened to display the objects found on the site (entrance fee US$1). Today Angkor Borei is a small river town that lives of rice cultivation, fishing and pig and chicken raising.

    How much does it cost?

    The entrance to the archaeological museum is US$ 1. It is possible to stay overnight in the town's only guesthouse,Srey Pao. The two rooms are basic with shared toilet and the cost is around US$4 a night.

    What else could I see?

    A visit to Angkor Borei will only take you a couple of hours. If travelling from Ta Keo, you could combine a visit to Angkor Borei with a visit to the nearby Phnom Da and Phnom Bayong.

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