Shinta Mani Wild is a radical new concept: it is the region’s first private wildlife and nature reserve. Set on 400 acres of virgin forest overlapping three of Cambodia’s national parks (Bokor, Aural, and Kirirom), Shinta Mani Wild brings a luxury jungle-safari to Southeast Asia for the first time.

The lodge is designed by world-renowned hotel architect Bill Bensley (his resume includes the Four Seasons in Chiang Mai and the Four Seasons Golden Triangle). 16 beautifully-designed tents are perched over 1.2 km of waterfalls and rivers, set high to allow migratory animals to pass beneath on their seasonal paths. The tents are fully butlered, and fully all-inclusive—food, beverages, laundry, private guided excursions, and even spa treatments.

There are more excursion options than time! Perhaps spend a day exploring the waterways of South East Asia’s last wild estuarine ecosystem on one of their luxury expedition boats, or accompany rangers and researchers as they check camera traps and study the wild forests and their inhabitants - a unique opportunity to explore these untamed lands with the people that know them best.

Mid-way between Cambodia’s capital of Phnom Penh and the coast and in the foothills of the Cardamom Mountains, Shinta Mani Wild is quite accessible. Two hours by car will bring you to Phnom Penh to the north, and equally two hours by car will bring you to the coast, and the island resorts such as Six Senses Koh Krabey, Alila Villas Koh Rossei, and Song Saa Private Island.

The hotel has 2 roomtypes, Wild Tent, Waterfall Tent. Please note three-night minimum stay during the majority of the year.

The hotel has a pool and a very good restaurant, room service, free internet/wifi.

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Kirirom, Bokor, Cardamom – three of Cambodia’s oldest and most important parks, which together make up one of the greatest wilderness areas of South East Asia — A wild coast of pristine estuaries gives way to a mountain range covered in rainforest that is one of the few remaining habitats in Cambodia for wild elephants, bears, gibbons, tigers and numerous other species.

We also love the all-inclusive spa treatments: enjoy a massage after each excursion if you so desire!