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Tutti i tour ABOUTAsia dispongonodi vie di scampo dalla folla,per essere sicuri di sperimentare il meglio del paese, e le nostre speciali "note di spezie"


Press Highlights

The New York Times
‘A Guide to Angkor Park, in Words and 3-D Images’

"Being that it is one of the most visited historical sites in the world, there is no shortage of travel guides to Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park"

The Telegraph
‘Picturing Angkor Wat in its heyday’

"What visitors see now are temples that have been work for many year through The Angkor Guidebook."

‘How To Do That Without The Crowds’

"To see this complex without fighting your way through a mob scene, you need an expert...Andy Booth...created the company ABOUTAsia Travel to offer creative custom itineraries to Angkor..."

The Telegraph
‘A life of philanthropy in Cambodia’

"Many things about his travel company set it apart from other operators. 100% of the profits are ploughed back into Cambodia’s under-resourced education system to give thousands of children a better start in life."

Bloomberg Pursuits Magazine
‘ABOUTAsia Gets You to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Without Crowd’

""... and Andy Booth's own experience during a decade spent traveling and living in Cambodia to help clients outwit the tourist hordes.""

The Guardian
‘Cambodia: a new kind of tour’

"If all this makes me sound smug, that's probably because I felt it: as a tourist it's always pleasing to swim against the tide..."

Time Out: Bejing
‘The Seven Wonders of Asia’

"Knowing how to avoid crowds at Angkor's temples turns what could be a bewildering experience into one that's breathtaking, and it is made possible by Bunchhay, our expert guide from ABOUTAsia..."

National Geographic Traveller
‘Angkor: The Road Less Travelled’

"Instead I meet Andy for sunset drink...For much of it, we're the only ones on the water...If there was ever a case for choosing the road less travelled, this is it."

BBC Fasttrack
‘Exploring Cambodia's temples’

"If you are in search of rest and reflection, the country is blessed with hundreds of other temples - some of which rival the mystery and majesty of Angkor..."

‘Inside Cambodia's stunning new temple discoveries’

"ABOUTAsia Travel offers tours of the Angkor cities."

Condé Nast Traveller
‘Insider Tips: Angkor’

"Touring company ABOUTAsia Travel guides travellers away from the tourist crowds. So we asked founder Andy Booth to share the lesser-known treasures of the Angkor..."

‘Hope & Angkor’

"I spent my first day at the temples with a guide from ABOUTAsia. While it's a luxury tour operation, it was conceived to establish & bankroll its own local schools..."

Sydney Morning Herald
‘Fortress of Solitude’

"When you lose the crowds, a visitor can feel just a little like Henri Mouhot, the French naturalist who came upon Angkor in 1860 when the complex was still under a canopy of equatorial forest..."

The Age
‘With two in tow’

"Our itinerary, designed by ABOUTAsia with children in mind, ensures we don't get "templed out"..."


Impareggiabile servizio e la nostra Centralita', hanno fatto di noi, I tour Operator di fiducia di molti gruppi di Lusso e di perspicaci viaggiatori Indipendenti per Angkor Wat, la Cambogia e il Sud - Est Asiatico.

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