Cambodia Weather in August - raining in my heart



Cambodia - Weather in August. The wet SW monsoon is at its height. Although low season, the influx of European tourists on their long summer holiday can cause some shortages (eg in Italian Language guides). The weather is cooling even more steadily, and the colours and reflections after rainfall can make for interesting photographic conditions. Tourist sites on the lake are easily accessible now that water levels have risen.

Touring highlights in August

  • Temperatures range from 25ºC (77ºF) to 32ºC (89ºF)
  • Crowd avoidance is more of an issue with the influx of European tourists.
  • The rivers levels have risen, making boating trips ideal.
  • The temeratures in the Angkor complex are typically several degrees lower due to the large ammount of trees & forested area that reatain cool temperatures
  • Visit the flooded forests and fishing communities of Tonle Sap with water levels at their peak.
  • Swim under the waterfalls in the Kulen Mountains.

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  • Daylight Hours


    First Light - 0528
    Sunrise - 0550

    Sunset - 1820
    Last Light - 1842



    Chance of precipitation on any given day - 63%.
    Rain is more likely then not during August.



    Minimum - 25ºC
    Maximum - 32ºC

    ABOUTAsia staff view: Why visit in August

    Vesna says: "I lived in Phnom Penh last August. Phnom Penh is always busy - it is not like Siem Reap which is affected by the tourist season. There are no festivals in August but it is always noisy in Phnom Penh, especially now. There are more big buildings and the riverfront is always busy. In the morning, there are people exercising to loud music. In the evening, you can see children walking with their parents. There are peddlers selling balloons, popcorn, steamed corn, everything"

    "The Mekong River flows to Tonle Sap around this month. It is a special time for the people who depend on fishing because of the change in the currents"

    Khmer Proverb

    You throw out the meat and collect the bones; you discover the bone is hard when you bite down, so you return to look for the meat


    An adage referring to when a person is impetuous and throws out the old to get at the new but later realizes the old was better than the new.

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