Singapore-Siem Reap Flights

Singapore -Siem Reap flights are operated by JetStar Asia and SilkAir. While flights on Jetstar in particular can be competitively priced, neither airline flies to Siem Reap 7 days a week (at least currently), meaning it is impossible to fly driectly from Singapore to Siem Reap on a Wednesday for example.

The JetStar flight arrives early into Siem Reap, which can be very useful for making the most of your time on a short visit, but means that you have to be in Singapore the evening before taking this flight. The Jetstar flight currently departs Singapore at 06:00 so you need to be at Changi airport by 05:00 at the latest. Such an early start should be taken into account when planning a first day's itinerary in Siem Reap. Don't be overambitious this first day of touring.

Flights returning from Siem Reap to Singapore on Jetstar are all routed via Phnom Penh for a technical stop. This means that you must disembark in Phnom Penh and go through a security screening before reboading the plane. It does provide an opportunity for a coffee however better than the onboard offerings.

Indirect routings

Fortunately, if direct flights are not possible, then options are often available to fly via Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. Air Asia runs a flight daily from Siem Reap via KL into Singapore but the connection time in malaysia is tight. The flight back from Singapore to Siem Reap using Air Asia does not work as you must overnight in KL airport. Flights via bangkok are unattractive because of the very high cost of the monopoly route between Bangkok and Siem Reap.

Cambodia Flight Tickets

We are not usually able to supply tickets for international flights such as Singapore-Siem Reap though we can help you with flights departing Cambodia. We can offer advice on traveling to Cambodia by air as we have some experience with getting here from all over the world. Usually we have found that we cannot improve on the fares offered by online flight agents so we recommend that you arrange your flight to Cambodia, and let us look after you once you are here.

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